Sunday, March 31, 2013

Greeting for the Risen Christ
on the Evening of Easter Day

"As they were gathered in the upper room, 
the doors being shut for fear,
Christ appeared them...." 

O ever-springing Life, never-ceasing Fountain,
Conquering even Death itself,
And ready always to restore our health,
Rise in us!

O all-pervading Wisdom, greening all things
Love springing from life’s hidden mystery,
Doorway to knowing the movements of grace,
Flow through us!

O living Vine, whose life unfolds in us, your Branches,
O Water of Life, flowing from our inmost being,
O Wellspring of the Wine that clears the mind of falsehood:
Live in us!

O  Way of Heaven in the Flesh, uniting us in wholeness,
Remembering our Fullest selves,
the Ladder linking, through all the angels,
the many-mansioned heavens:
Awaken us!

O Mighty Lamb of God,  bloodied by foes
yet seeking still to bear away the sin that destroys your world
and mars the soul of every creature,
Pray in us!

O Dying Grain, rising fresh and green in spring,
and secret Yeast, leavening the whole lump,
Becoming sweetest, strongest Bread for us;
Nourish us!

O Life-giving Breath, flowing from Eternal Life
to birth us through travail to joy,
and lead us on into the truths we cannot yet bear to see,
Stir in us your imperishable Love!

                                                           —Robert Corin Morris, Copyright 2013

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